An imperfect universe is God tickling your armpits.


I like my universe messy.  I like the fact that Pi is 3.14 without repeating until infinity.  I like that there is a computer somewhere that is trying to find the repeater in Pi and will continue to look and will never find it.  Ever.  I like remainders in my long division.  I like that quantum physicists are compelled to manufacture things they can’t see to fill in the gaps of their theories.  The fact that the universe is a chili cheese dog with extra onions and nacho cheese and oreo sprinkles gives me a sense of peace that a layered salad universe would not.  I think it’s God’s way of holding us down and tickling our armpits.  And don’t think that it is because God hates us or because he’s trying to prove that he’s God and we aren’t.  I love my kids and I hold them down and tickle their armpits all the time.

Some questions were designed to not be answered.  It doesn’t mean stop looking.  The fun is in the pursuit.  If the universe was laid out nice and neat and an answer didn’t lead to another question but rather the end then everybody would go to MIT and be rock star scientists and have quarks and neutrinos and solar systems named after them and you’d spend an inefficient amount of time just memorizing their names.  And science classes would suck worse than they do now.

Da Vinci is widely recognized as one of the greatest painters of all time and the Mona Lisa is butt ugly.  Does that mean da Vinci lacked talent?  No.  It meant that he realized that perfection is boring and art museums are boring enough without a hot Mona Lisa making it worse.  I believe that God works the same way.  The fact that much of the universe is an open-ended question says absolutely nothing about God’s perfection and more about His ability to keep us occupied with relevant stuff that might actually make our lives better and give it meaning.  Let’s face it- if all of the unanswerable questions were answered Stephen Hawking would have nothing more to do than celebrity guest judge American Idol and co-host some E! fashion show with Joan Rivers.  And Melissa Rivers would be chronically unemployed.


A pitcher throwing a perfect game is unbelievably boring until the 7th inning and then the potential that you are witnessing perfection coupled with the drama that the perfection could be interrupted at any moment keeps you riveted.  I’m pretty sure Einstein felt the same way as he was exploring the possibility of cold fusion.


The take-home here is that we should all just relax a bit and enjoy the universe without trying to figure it all out.  Look up at the stars and be in awe for a moment.  An imperfect universe is God’s way of taking the pressure off.  If the universe isn’t perfect then you shouldn’t be either.

God says you’re welcome.


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