Don’t Follow an Overachiever Into His Wine Cellar.

Overachievers take everything personally.  It’s not our fault.  We aren’t talented enough for people to waste their time motivating us and we usually aren’t bright enough to motivate ourselves by traditional methods, like the love of money, or fame, or the appropriation of really cool clothes.  Overachievers, however, tend to have active imaginations and we use that to mentally pick fights with the entire world.  Consequently we look mad a lot.  It’s not an act.  Catch us at the right moment and you’re liable to be on the receiving end of a tirade akin to a delusional psychotic screaming through your dirty windshield while he’s giving it a spit shine at a red light.  Don’t take it personal- we’re just trying to find that extra gear.


Done correctly we’re Michael Jordan, windmill dunking over a world of non-believers.


Taken too far we’re Montresor in The Cask of Amontillado.


For the love of God, indeed.


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