Why I would let Dave Grohl teach my kids.


Stumbled across this quote by Dave Grohl.  If you aren’t a child of the ’90s he is the lead singer of the group Foo Fighters.  Also played drums for a little known band called Nirvana.  F-bombs aside we should generalize it some and use it as our life mission statement.  How many times have you been talked out of doing something you really want to do?  How many people have told you that you aren’t good enough?  Not talented enough?  Not as good as the next guy? To settle for the easy thing you hate instead of the hard thing you love?  Don’t get me wrong- I like The Voice.  I just worry about all of the potential Nirvanas that will be selling insurance ten years from now because somebody told them they weren’t good enough for their T.V. show.  Here’s another statistic for you: 70% of all youth football players will not play in high school.  Why?  My thought is that many don’t have someone to believe in them, someone that pulls them aside one day and says-

“You can be anything you want to be.  Keep working.  I’ll help you.”

And guess what?  They may suck something awful.  Today.  But maybe they won’t tomorrow.  I’ve coached so many kids that I just knew should find something else to do, and realized that they wanted to be a football player so bad they turned themselves into one. Not all at once.  But it did happen.  And it happens all of the time- but most kids are still naive enough to think adults are smarter than they are and it only takes one knucklehead to make them give up on their dream.  Don’t be that guy.

I spent years becoming very good at a job that I hate.  I’m ready to spend years becoming very good at something I love.  Right now, I suck at being a writer-but every day I suck a little less.  And I’m good with that.

What do you love to do?  Are you doing it?  Why not?